@Craig came down very hard on Bob Metcalfe and I was hoping that over
@the past few days someone would step in and explain that Bob is far
@from being a clueless journalist. I believe Craig is just showing
@how young he is. Bob Metcalfe along with David Boggs published in
@ACM (July 1976) an article entitled "Ethernet - Distributed Packet
@Switching for Local Computer Networks". This paper was the groundwork
@for Ethernet - without which we would still be using X.25 and possibly
@no LANs. Having Bob (as well as a few other heavyweights) on this list,
@we can only come to a better understanding of the routing, addressing
@and portability problems of the Internet that we are all hitting.
@Craig, Bob has probably forgotten more than you and I will ever know.

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