RE: nanog mailing list

I have no real idea why this is, but this industry seems to breed more
than it's fair share of arrogant idiots. I saw, at least, one of the
offensive responses to your request and I assume, having a naive
inflated opinion of human nature, that this person has an esoteric sense
of humour and wasn't meaning to be arrogant or offensive at all. Even
this person, who obviously knows more about everything than everyone
else, had to start somewhere and I hope he got a better welcome than

I've replied personally to everyone who has flamed me about my response to
Jason's request. Jason and I are personal friends, and have known each
other for a while. My response to his original posting was never intended
to be cc:'d to NANOG, and I make my sincere apoligy because it did.

Those that have responded to me privately regarding my post, I have
explained to, but neglected to send a formal post to the list assuming
that everyone who cared about what I said on the list had already sent me

I hope this finally will end the string of mail, and clear up anyone who
thinks negatively of Jason or me (me mostly ;).


Adam Alexander