RE: nanog endorsements and nameservers outside the u.s. (was blah blah blah)

@ So, the answer to the question is, yes, you should be concerned
@ about performance issues, and yes, you should be working on a tractable
@ scalable engineering plan for both North American and intercontinental
@ connectivity, and this should take into account other people's
@ real and perceived costs.
@ In other words, kids, the increasing number of root nameservers
@ outside the U.S.A. is a sign that the Internet is internationalizing.
@ Engineer for that now, or you're probably in for a bumpy ride as
@ various governments including your own stop subsidizing your
@ connectivity elsewhere.


Thanks for the great response. You are correct, the
Internet is "internationalizing". Rather then spread
Root Name Servers "thin" around the world, it seems
more prudent to deploy distinct Root Name Server
Confederations in the various regions that are well

These confederations can be kept in "synch" via
a variety of software and procedural mechanisms.
Work in this area has proved this to be the case
with no operational problems.

It is unfortunate that many people around the world
are frightened and strong-armed into thinking that
they have to follow a couple people's orders or they
will break the Internet. Via education, this is changing.

Hopefully, NANOG will help to continue to educate