RE: multi-homing fixes

You guys are all missing the point. The only reason for Cisco's prices is
because they built proprietary RAM modules. That is ... >non-standard<.
Cisco didn't *have* to do that. RAM chips are cheap. RAM modules are only
expensive because the mfg *makes* them expensive. Actual COGm is less than
$15US. In fact, the PCB costs more than the RAMs do because they are made in
smaller volume. By the same token, the sheet metal costs more than the
electronics, on a Cat 6509, but they know that you are willing to pay
$150K^H^H^H^H^H$200K so *that's* what they charge for it. It's pure
marketing. They can use standard PC133 DIMMs, if they want to. 90% of the
MSRP goes to the distro channel.