RE: Move all 9-1-1 to 8-5-5

Whenever the North American Numbering Planning Administration
releases a new toll-free prefix (e.g. 1-800, 1-888, 1-877,
1-866) there is always a lengthy delay for individuals
operating some telephone switches to update their routing
tables. Its common to be in hotels, and find the hotel PBX
doesn't recognize a recent toll-free prefix.

Yes.. But most people don't run translations for all NPA-NXXs on their 4
line PBX....


And your misconfigured PBX won't likely stop me from calling you...just
you from calling me. Bad bogon filters stop or prevent traffic in both

If anyone has a better idea for shifting the burden to and thus creating
motivation for those with broken filters to fix them now, by all means,
share your idea.

If you don't have a better idea yet, go ask ARIN for some space. They
have lots of 69/8 left. Maybe when you're in the club, you'll be more
motivated to think of ways to quickly encourage others to fix their