RE: More Sidgemore on per-bit pricing

Let's see:

You accect per piece pricing and identify that it is existing practice.

Sounds like you object to the units? Should the units be in terms of T-1s
(as you accept as exiting practice), DS-0 (probably the prominent per piece
model in use today) or what?

So is your complaint that that units might not be in terms of T-1s? Or is
it that the units are soft/virtual instead of hard as defined by the Telco
physical hierarchy?

If Sidgemore's experience matches others in the ISP business I suspect he is
considering/planning such service plans because several of his important
customers are asking for it. And I am sure he has the ability/mechanisms to
retain those customers who demand flat/predictable billing by offering that
as an option ...



Well, we'll see. The problem is suits who don't understand that
billing by the byte, rather than by the router port, usually has higher
costs than it does revenue enhancement. If I assert that I'm trying to
reduce customer's billings, then, as a CEO of a publicly held company,
I'd better have something up my sleeve that will actually enhance
revenue, or I'll be out of a job, real quick.

ObOps: any more news on the Florida Backhoe Incident?

-- jra