RE: MGE UPS Systems

Take this with the grain of salt that I do not work for APC, but for a
sister company. The word that I have heard is that they are in no rush
to discontinue any of the product line. In fact rumor is that APC was
very happy to have the MGE products available to them for sale to
customers. As a side note I have several MGE UPS in service and have
had zero problem getting support and maintenance from APC for them.


See, now thats what I like to hear after an acquisition like this.
You expect a certain redundancy but to have it said that, "we're not
merely interested in the underlying technology, we like the products
just the say they are and have no plans to change them (except maybe
to standardize the management software interface," or something along
those lines is a darned good thing.

'cause lemme tell ya, I like the MGE systems I have and am very glad
to hear that APC thinks MGE gear is just ducky.



The reason I ask is that I'm kind of attracted to the MGE Galaxy and its
paralleling N+1 capability. I had a bad experience with a frame shorting
out a few years ago after it went into bypass but didn't shut off the
inverter output; hilarity ensued. It seems like the Galaxy and Smart VT
overlap, although the Galaxy has better specs on paper. I was also
recommended a Symmetra PX 80kW frame.

I asked my rep and they were kind of ambiguous about the MGE line, hence
my redirect of the question here.