RE: MFS WorldCom/WilTel/LDDS

Peter Ford wrote:

My understanding is that RSVP is targeted to solve the problem of offering
services such as audio/video conferencing, audio/video streaming such as
radio/television, and telephony services on the Internet and private
networks that use IP.

Resource reservation is nothing more than a prioritization scheme.

If there's no sufficient resources to share, doling it differently
does not change the fact that resources are not available.

All you get by doing resource reservation is to trade packet loss to
denial of service. If you think about it, a properly designed voice
protocol would sustain 30% packet loss w/o much trouble (say, if you
split sample bit stream into nibbles and send bit 0 in a high-priority
packet, and bits 1-3 in regular-priority packets); whereas a voice
network which is not available 30% of time is very close to useless.

A "problem to start with" is offering these services in the current
Internet does not yet work.

Knowing for sure how Internet backbones are provisioned i can say that
the solution is in entirely different plane. In fact, if you allocate
resources to Internet within the same overcommitment margins as are
commonly found in POTS you'll get _better_ quality of service. Without
prioritization, that's it.