RE: Major Labels v. Backbones

The thing that I find most disturbing with this latest approach to
enforcement by the RIAA is that they have targeted backbone providers
who probably don't have any business or other relationship with the
parties that are alleged to be infringing the RIAA's rights. Just as

I believe that the problem lies in the indiscriminate ignorance with
which Internet and intellectual property laws are being crafted. It is
unfortunate that there is such a great lack of judiciary knowledge and
an over abundance of ambitious lawmakers seeking to immortalize
themselves by fabricating ludicrous laws (I consider Dingell to be their
unofficial poster child). Although these laws seem to threaten the
vitality of network service providers, there seems to be little
resistance or lobbying that is necessary to prevent them in the first
place. In my opinion, the RIAA is not unlike a predator that has
acquired an insatiable appetite; it needs to be placed on a very short
leash. The RIAA is one of the few organizations that have etched out a
policy that is overtly alienating the very consumers its members need to

Sorry, I don't mean to pick on Worldcom here, the same could be said
for any of the backbone providers that have been targeted. And,
perhaps, since several backbone providers have all been targeted,
they will work together to put up a rigorous fight on behalf of us
all. I sure hope so.

The RIAA is clearly attempting to take advantage of all carriers plagued
by the current financial and market conditions. With the lack of
adequate attention (or representation for that matter), the odds are
more in their favor to establish a precedent that can then be used to
terrorize everyone else. Every time I hear the RIAA, or anyone else for
that matter, make a reference to the DMCA my blood curls.


What I find more interesting is the fact that the RIAA and MPAA have both
been convicted multiple times of price fixing and other illegal
monopolistic practices. Yet almost nobody knows about this. They have
done an excellent job of supressing media reporting on it.

And these same organizations are working closely with specific congressmen
to ram radical new monopoly-protecting legislation through congress...

Thats like congressmen working alongside convicted bank robbers to write
pro-gun laws.