RE: Mail with no purpose?

William Leibzon wrote:
But I really dont see how this would be any different then just
logging with cgi, it'll result in positive logging for exactly
same set of people.
For example as I'm using PINE from unix shell, all those html
images are not referenced in any way, nor are there requests
set for them in dns.

Although this is true, the relevance of it is low. From the smart
spammer's prospective, sending spam to people that use Pine makes no
sense in the first place: people that use Pine are 1,000 times less
gullible than the general population WRT to spam, therefore having their
email addresses not confirm with cgi or whatever does not change the big
scheme of things. I don't know about you, but the volume coming to my
various "postmaster" or "administrator" is decreasing, as the ROI of
spam sent to these must obviously be very low.

In other words: if you're already to the point where you are using a
text-mode mail client or disabling HTML and/or other stuff in a GUI
client, you are no loss to the spammer if your email does not confirm as
valid (because you would not even read it nor buy any of their crud in
the first place).

So what you're saying is that these validation schemes are a good thing?