RE: mae-east problems...

Today in particular, or in daily in general? :slight_smile:

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I think it's probably just all of the mae-west traffic. Another great day
here in mae-east territory.

Adverse weather in California is probably affecting this to some degree
as well. I've heard of a Qwest fiber-cut north of King City. Some sorta
mud-slide that probably can't be fixed very quickly. This effected some
LSAN-to-SCRM and LSAN-to-SNFC DS3s (probably on OC48).

--Ben Kirkpatrick

A few weeks ago I asked for feedback from people who were using Voice Over
Net hardware. I said I would post a reply on this list after I put them
all together. I received email from over 20 people who were using VON
hardware in there network. Some of them in production networks and some
just testing. The problem was I did not get ANYONE who would share any
feedback about the hardware or operation issues involved with VON. I have
received mail from a very large number of people asking for a summary
of my findings, so this is it.

So does this mean we can now tell our end users some packet loss can be
attributed to El Nino? It had to happen sooner or later...