RE: list thoughts on "unsupported" hardware?

I couldn't find anything that said the 7500 is end-of-life/support/etc...
This is all I found on their site regarding the 7500:
End-of-Sale/End-of-Life: FEIP2-DSW-2TX & FEIP2-DSW-2FX

End of Sale/End of Life: SA-ENCRYPT Services Adapter

End of Sales - VIP2-50, No. 1868

End of Sales: Route Switch Processor 2, No. 1866

End of Sales: SRPIP-OC12, No. 1867

I know it doesn't answer your question, but it appears that the 7500 is
still on the list.


Ah, quite right. It's the RSP2 that EOLd, but of course the RSP4/8/16 can
be used in the 7500, so the chassis continues to be supported. Good
news in this customer's case, though actually, they do have an RSP2, so
are still somewhat affected. RSP2 went away as of 16 Feb 2003, as per


Anyone experiencing problems connecting to Earthlink through WilTel ?

Tracing the route to

  1 ( [AS 7911] 12 msec 12
msec 16 msec
  2 ( [AS 7911] 96 msec 224 msec
40 msec
  3 ( [AS 7911] !H * !H