RE: Level3 problems

> >
> > I see its completely down and several others are starting
> > to have problems.
> > Anyone knows whats up ?
> I think everyone sees them completely down across the board
(even mpls
> transport services), been that way for about 30 mins now. :slight_smile:

All of Speakeasy outbound SF (and possible other locations) is down,
after being on hold with them, they are saying Level3 and not further
information yet.

I'm sure Cogent is getting a kick out of this. :slight_smile:
Our L3 link started having serious issues at about 1:45 EST
and we turned it off. It seemed like an eternity for them
to withdraw our routes from their peers though so they
must be having some serious issues. From home on Verizon
FIOS they seem to be trying to push most of their traffic
onto their Level 3 link in Atlanta which is making me
unable to get to Google and a few other big sites.

For those with L3 that want to call them, they have parent
ticket 1429209 open on this issue but you won't get any info
yet so I'd give them some time.


It seems the problem is worldwide. Here in Italy I lost both BGP sessions (primary and backup) at 7.51 CET, I canโ€™t even ping their router anymore. And still no response from their European Supportโ€ฆ