[Re: Lazy Engineers and Viable Excuses]


.. if everybody used the IRR to build explicit filters everywhere, if
everybody kept their objects in the IRR up-to-date, and if there was
some appropriate authorisation scheme in place to allow you to trust
the data in the IRR implicitly, it'd be a perfect world.

not perfect, you would still need to filter at the customer ingress,
making sure that they weren't spoofing a 'properly registered route
object' that wasn't part of the aup that they had signed....they did
sign an aup right???

The IRR is currently a reasonable tool to use to avoid listening to
routes which are advertised by mistake from peers who populate the IRR
accurately. It's not a reasonable tool for avoiding maliciously bogus
routes, since sticking maliciously bogus information in the IRR is

trivial yes, but it would be nice if there was at least a minimal effort
to filter unregistered route objects, especially on transit from certain
regions of the world....we can deal with the registration issue



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