RE: Lawsuit threat against RBL users

"Brian" writes:

You are misguided. The constitution is "*Congress* shall make no
law....." not "<insert ISP name> shall make no law........"

Things like freedom of speech, are only really an issue for the
Govt. When it comes to the private sector, we can do what we want.
If you are a private business, like an ISP, and don't want people
to see porn, you can filter porn, and tell people that you feel no
one should see it, and if they don't like it they will go

The checks and balances on that law, are the Freedom of
Enterprise, which protects the people.

We have inalienable rights that
extend beyond these rights to
capitalize. These rights extend
onto private property, into
virtual networks, beyond fire-
walls (if we are behind them)
and to the heart of Vixie's
unconscionable activities. The
guy is setting the stage for a
cyber-gulag where the unacceptables
are simply "Black Holed" into
non-existance. First for allegedly
sending mail to too many people.
Next for whatever silly other
offense these despots in training
dream up. Slippery. Slope.

Bob Allisat

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