RE: Just got on this thing (perhaps very belatedly) - root server trouble?

@ On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, Karl Denninger wrote:
@ > Folks, we run the network (this *IS* NANOG, right? :slight_smile: Let's start actually
@ > running it for a change... DNS is one of those things that we ought to be
@ > able to do right, and do in an open and competitive format.
@ Seems to me that we on NANOG are concerned with mostly issues that fall at
@ layers 2-4. You are talking about things like competition that really are
@ only marginally related to most people on NANOG.
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I can not wait until the day comes when we
see our friend from Canada, Mr. Michael Dillon,
trying to invade the floor of the United States
Senate or the House of Representatives to
tell those folks what they are allowed to discuss.

Something tells me that they will not really
care that you are on the Board of Directors
of the ISP/C Mr. Dillon. Of course, you are
welcome to prove me wrong.