RE: IT security people sleep well

Agreed, but what are those routers used for these days? We use those
routers for management (old 2511's) ... Any existing 2500's in the core
network (yes, I'm ashamed to say some still exist) are ensured to have
the max memory they can get ... Again, this is purely theoretical for
me as management here has not deemed it appropriate to deploy ssh ...

But, if ssh were added to all IOS's, it would greatly reduce the number
of routers that could *not* include SSH due to flash limitations...

I can say that in other networks that I consult for, I try to ensure ssh
is available, as well as acl's and other security techniques... :slight_smile:

Jaosn Frisvold

It would however increase the number of routers that can't go to IOS
because of flash limitations. If the image won't fit, the image *won't fit*.
And hand-waving it into the next IOS release won't make it fit any better.

There's support issues as well - if IOS doesn't fit, they get to carry
around support for IOS and 12.(foo-1). And it seems there's been
enough released values of 'foo' already...