RE: IPv6 Space at Public Exchanges

Correct, a quick glance reveals that Equinix, Telehouse America, and
WorldCom MAE Services have all received ARIN IPv6 Exchange Point
Microallocations out of non-6bone 2001: space--especially important now that
it appears folks are renumbering out of 3ffe: and the 6bone-phaseout draft
is on the table. I'm not sure why MAE's decided to go for a /48 for each
location, but at Equinix we've just been carving out a /64 for each Exchange
from the /48 block, as is the common practice at most exchanges.

If Your Friendly Local Exchange doesn't support address space for IPv6
peering, just ask and I'm sure they would be happy to look into it. ARIN,
RIPE, and APNIC policies are pretty much in sync on this topic, and designed
to encourage adoption.


Lane Patterson <>
Sr. R&D Engineer
Equinix, Inc.