RE: IP over in-ground cable applications.

Thanks for the response. The 'Broadband' in Broadband Laboratories
actually refers to the Microwave

That makes sense. I have a question you might be able to answer.

I've got some Cerent and Sycamore boxes, and I'm trying
to locate a GE Advantium line card. We're fixing to sell
Advantium wavelenghts on the same glass as gig-e and OC-x's,
catering primarily to the hospitality and food services industry,
by Q1 2003. You could even say I bet on it with my boss. Know
where I can buy one?

Also, what type of performance have you seen with Advantium vs. conventional microwave-based transport technologies?

Sal Sabella

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I'm not a big fan of GE period; too many recalls. However you might
want to take a look at Jennair. Here's my favorite.

Christopher J. Wolff, CIO
Broadband Laboratories, Inc.