RE: [[IP] Feds: VoIP a potential haven for terrorists]

Jim Dempsey's testimony at Senator Sununu's hearing is very
interesting, and very educational on these issues.

CALEA was not written for the IP world.

When CALEA was being written, the Internet, IP and information services
were all debated.

But, the facts are that IP service providers comply with law
enforcement's requests. IF more legal vehicles are needed, beyond what
law enforcement has today, then Congress should make that determination.

CALEA doesn't reduce law enforcement's wiretap authority or the
obligation for carriers to provide technical assistance under Title
III or ECPA or other statutes. Law enforcement has been conducting
wiretaps for decades prior to the passage of CALEA. Law enforcement
has been using Title III and ECPA to tap e-mail, internet communications,
pagers, etc for years. The FBI even demostrated its Canivore DSC1000
box at NANOG in Washington DC a few years ago.

A SPAN port could satisfy an ISP's obligations under TitleIII/ECPA, but
not satisfy CALEA.