RE: IP Allocation

@ <<File: ATT00168.txt>>

You can use MX records with a port number in the PREFERENCE field and a
single 4-byte label in the EXCHANGE field. Or use TXT RRs of whatever
format you bloody will.



Yes, good points...

In general I do not think that people have looked
closely at the "hidden" features that can be mined from
the cryptic DNS system.

In my opinion a boundary needs to be placed around
the IPv4 "Core" transport network. We can rely on that
network for two things:
  1. Low-cost international bit transport, using 32 bit
    addressed encapsulation headers.
  2. A working DNS system for use in mapping
    symbolic names to binary values.

A new Internet can be build around the edges of that
core network. How the above capabilities are exploited
are up to conventions and agreements made outside of
that core transport facility.

As an example, we are using TXT records to update the
name server information in true root name servers. That
information is provided by Top Level Domain name servers
which provide it via, what looks like, a standard DNS zone
file. The root name server uses the DNS zone transfer
capabilities to automatically update its records based
on the infromation "pulled" from the TLD name server.

There are many other applications for the DNS system.
I am sure that more and more people will start to invent
new uses, now that the "core" transport network is
stable and not evolving from a technical point of view
as fast as the technology around the edges.