RE: IP Addresses for collocation

Yes and no. Can you half-drown yourself at the watering hole?

If you (BGP) peer with the ISP(s) at the Colo facility, then you can
advertise your Ip space and it will work at any facility. The bad news is
that if you advertised Provider A's Ip space, and then go to a colo not
served by Provider A, they will (rightly) want their Ip's back. If your Ip
requirements were large enough to justify "Provider independent" space, then
it would be portable everywhere.

Good Luck,

So the answer is:

1) Use DHCP for all of your colo'd hosts.

2) Use two nameservers that are not colocated, or provided by a provider you
feel comfortable with.

Then you just update your DNS/DHCP records and renumbering isn't a pain.


If you can get your hands on a portable /24 from the swamp, you will not
need to speak BGP with your colo provider. Simply have it in your contract
that they will advertise the /24 for you, and route it to your port on the
switch/router. Any colo provider that would refuse to advertise a portable
/24 for a customer is not worth bothering with.

How to get your hands on a portable /24 is left as an exercise to the
reader :slight_smile:

BTW how much would you be willing to pay for a /24?