RE: Internic address allocation policy (fwd)

@ Kim Hubbard wrote:
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@ > Now that we've established that I don't have fangs or horns (thanks to
@ > Chris and Matt for clearing that up :-)) I would like to urge you all
@ > to join the IRE mailing list to discuss the IP polices.
@ Please post the subscription address.
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Also, I suggest that people be informed of the IRE Mailing List
policies. When I joined the list, I was told by the list operator,
Mr. David Conrad, that some people on the list requested that
I "quietly be removed".

Instead of removing my name, Mr. Conrad and I agreed that
it would be best if I not post to the list. I think that people should
be told that some people on the list would like to be able to
control who participates. People should read the exchanges on
the list with that in mind, and should probably also be cautious
when they post to the list, because they might be "quietly removed".