RE: Interesting new spam technique - getting a lot more popular.

We end up with customers asking for more IPs too. We just add additional subnets to the interface, perhaps they started with a /30 but now need three more IPs, we just add an additional /29 to the interface leaving both blocks.

It is not often that anything needs to be explained to the customer other than the correct subnet mask and gateway for the IPs. This makes our configs look like this for each customer vlan:

ip address
ip address secondary

That being said, I know at least one of our transit customers does hosting exactly how you are describing. Coincidentally, this customer is also one of the customers that asked if we could "give them a class C block."

Using this strategy has never been a problem with ARIN for us, in fact I have applied for and received more space at intervals between 6 and 14 months for the last four years without any issue at all.

John :slight_smile:

Ok, I KNOW I am going to be slapped by a bunch of people here, but....

I often refer to a /24 (anywhere in the space) as a "class C". I also call the thingie on my digital watch an LCD display, the thing that stops breaks from locking the ABS system and the number I type into the ATM machine my PIN number. Oh yeah, my DLT tape drive is connected to a SCSCI interface.

Yup, all of the above are technically incorrect (ok, most of them are just redundant), but I do it anyway, and I am going to carry on doing it, so there!



Actually, we've recently seen an Internet service RFP requesting Class
A addresses because they were "better" than Class Bs! At least they
won't be asking for any Class Cs - too low rent for them !

Hmm, I've just realised that we've just been assigned a "Class A" /18,
so maybe we can supply the customer "Class A, Number 1 Grade, Premium,
Royal Quality IP addresses" after all.