RE: Interesting interaction between Blaster worm variants and Verisign DNS change

Not possible is a strong statement since it has happened
twice so far. The assumption you are making is the assumption
that I made, which is that the resolver would first try to
lookup exactly what was requested, but that is not what it
does for example, with the machines domain set to
and the default Append Primary DNS suffix to lookups checked
under thae advanced TCP/IP properties the result of an nslookup
from the machine for is to lookup which returns because
it does not exist. It does this before actually looking up what
was typed. When I say it has happened twice, I mean that I have
had 2 Blaster infected machines sending spoofed IP address request
to tcp port 80 containing the in
the host portion of the html header. Removing blaster using virus
tools eliminated this behavior.

Jeremy Powell