RE: If you're on LinkedIn, and you use a smart phone...

I had to answer the question of "Why is LinkedIn asking for my GMail
account information" to one of my parents recently. "Oh it is so they
can access your information and use it...". It is how some random guys
I play tennis with in a league keep popping up as people I should add,
since they likely succumbed to that prompt. Another practice of theirs
I do not like.

Phil From: Laszlo Hanyecz

On further reflection:

It occurs to me that if a lone researcher conducted such an intrusion
against the security and privacy of email (and its contents) (and
its users), possible outcomes might include a raid by heavily-armed
authorities, confiscation of anything that even looks like an electronic
device, and/or very aggressive federal prosecution.

I'm not saying that's the correct result, because I don't necessarily
think it is. I'm just saying that recent history suggests it's possible.
And I wonder if we collectively find this present action more acceptable
because it comes with a slick press release touting its "features".