RE: How important is IM? was RE: How important is the PSTN

Our NOC uses IM all the time to stay in touch with us regarding
emergencies. Our field engineers use IM to stay in touch with us for
scheduling and jobs. Engineers working from home use IM to stay in touch
with us. A few of our engineers carry cell phones that are IM capable.
Trader support techs at different branch offices use IM to convey outage
information to us.

Pretty important for us. As for people slacking off on IM, we are a
project based team with strict deadlines. If you wanna stay on AIM and
chat all day, and you miss the deadline, we'll soon find out why. So
personal responsibility goes a long way.

I'll tell you one thing, it sure helped a lot during Sept 11th. I'd
never remove it, just for that reason here. Eventually it might go away
due to increased security policies, and then we'll just find something a
lot more secure. But it is very handy. I do agree, though, that it isn't
the most secure chat product out there. Just so many people use it
because of the large installed base.

I've even seen AIM IDs on some business cards now. They seem to be more
permanent than a cell phone number :-).