RE: How does one make not playing nice with each other scale? (Wa s: net.terrorism)

The consent comes from signing the service agreement and is built into the
SLA. Yes, such anti-routing would need to be mentioned ... that is all. I am
quite comfortable with AboveNet transit policies, as currently implemented.
I have a number of clients, in AboveNet co-lo, that would be greatly
inconvenienced were those policies (WRT ORBS) to change significantly. In
fact, they are not yet secure enough to withstand the cracker attack wave
that usually follows an ORBS listing. I know others, that are NOT clients,
in the same shape. But, they are getting there. However, it takes time.

Lets keep this discussion away from ORBS and/or any other specific

Just because those servers are not (yet?) listed in any of the known
broken server databases does not mean they won't be found by script
kiddie's or other interested parties. Security by obscurity does not work,
and does not scale.

- marcel
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