RE: Hardened dishes, was Guam

Wow, does that take me back :slight_smile: There used to be very similar arrays at RAF
Chicksands and other assorted Air Force comm detachments around the Midlands
area in the UK. Most of these were relocated/abandoned in the mid to late
80's though.

I was stationed at RAF Croughton, (Wideband/Satcom) and we had similar
dishes there. My primary responsibiity was the 60-ton-dish satcom facility,
where we provided a majority of .eu military communications out of Europe to
CONUS. I unfortunately throughout the years managed to lose most of my pics
of the base and dish farms, (too many moves across country, etc.) Might
anyone have photos (or know of anywhere on the internet) where I can
download some of those again?

Thanks, and thanks for the pic.. BTW - what book is that originally from?

-Greg Meehan
Network Engineer
Life Time Fitness, corp.