RE: GSR, 7600, Juniper M?, oh my!

Jon Lewis wrote:
Even comparing a VXR with NPE300 to a 7500 with RSP4
and VIP2-50's, the 7206 will melt down and cease
functioning properly on traffic levels the 7500
handles without breaking a sweat.

Interestingly enough, the eBay prices reflect this: anything below an
RSP4 or a VIP2-50 is useless junk good only for home or lab; recently
bought a CX-EIP2 for $0.99 and a VIP2-40 for $50. CX-FSIPs and RSP2s go
for peanuts too.

However, a VIP2-50 or an RSP4 still go for 500 bucks a pop, which means
they are still worthy of a production environment.

As mentioned before, this is comparing apples and oranges anyway.
Although this is overly simplified, the bottom line is that the NPE in a
7206 needs to do the job of the RSP _and_ 3 VIPs; no wonder why it will