RE: Great job AT&T (re: Microsoft problems)

From: Steve Sobol []
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 8:13 PM

In response to what I said,

> > used to run Microsoft DNS. After a while,
having tried
> > repeatedly to get MSDNS to actually *serve* the zone files I
> > had set up, and having not been successful, I switched to Bind 8
> > and have had no problems since.
> >
> > You might want to try Bind 8.

Roeland Meyer replied:

> The problem is that a PDC requires SRV updates on the zone. Only
> BIND-8.2.2p7 can do this and it's not clear that it runs
sufficiently well
> (consider that feature as beta verging on alpha, IMHO).
Certainly, the
> configuration is as clear as mud... way too much magic.

That's only a problem if you're running a PDC on your LAN.

I personally am not.

However, I guarantee you that MSFT is and that their internal DNS is Win2K
Active Directory DNS and that they have at least one PDC. In fact, they've
bragged about how they finally were able to bring HotMail up on
Win2Kdatacenter. This means that they HAD to deploy Win2K/DNS.

> My info says that MSFT only tested sufficiently with Win2K
DNS. Integration
> with BIND was not considered especially important. This, in
spite of the
> trip Vix made to NSFT, Summer '99 (where the SRV fixes came
from). It is
> supposed to work, but the config is a nightmare of
exceptions and special
> cases.

But again, that's a Microsoft issue.

I think we are all agreed that it is probably an MSFT issue. But, your
suggestion, of MSFT deploying BIND8, is not workable.

I will give Microsoft points for making their DNS server
really easy to
configure. I will acknowledge not only that Bind is harder to
for someone who doesn't know it, but has the problems Roeland
Bind ain't perfect either, but it works, and it isn't produced by an
organization that thinks that Its Way is the Only Way(tm).

I just deployed a root-server cluster, on COL Linux, bind-8.2.2p7. I am able
to leave it with them because I ALSO installed WebMin-0.83, on a seprate IP
addr, for administration. I just thank God that they haven't migrated to
Win2K yet.

Microsoft has a large enough market share that I feel that it is their
obligation to make sure that their Internet products play nice with
the rest of the Net. Regardless of the fact that I dislike
their business
practices, if they'd just work harder towards that end, I'd
complain about
them a lot less than I now do.

Agreed, whole heartedly!

ref: HALLOWEEN I & II, for speculation of why they don't play nice.