RE: GigEth regenerators

a brief summary of responses up to now:

- there are several vendors making some kind of sx-to-zx gbe converters (they call it gbe extenders), which gives an equivalent of a device with a zx gbic. these vendors include jdsu, luxn, extreme etc.

- two companies were found making gbe optical regenerators - imcnetworks and transmode

- other solution is to try with edfa

mikael: which exact gbic did you use?

i was comparing cisco-reselled gbics and their cwdm gbics seem to be more than 10dB better on power budget... anybody tried this in real life?

thanks again ("Daniska Tomas") writes:

a brief summary of responses up to now:

in response to my earlier reply on this topic, i was also pointed at

which indeed shows how to do 65Km regen points. pretty cool other stuff too.

The Finisar FTR1619-55.

My experiense is that buying directly from the manufacturer is taking a
chance, it's much cheaper, but you get great variance in quality and you
should really do testing on the gbics, or be prepared to swap gbics in
case you get problems.

Buying from the switch vendor ensures that you do not get finger-pointing
and they do test the gbics more than the manufacturer.