RE: FW: The worst abuse e-mail ever,

I don't want to add to this bash-fest, but maybe a little context and a laugh helps... the original posting sounds like utter frustration, something I'm sure a few people are familiar with if you've ever worked for a bunch of sociopathic conartists using their service provider business to steal from people in order to support their prostitution/drug/gambling habit and/or perpetuation of their cult... Like my previous employer. If you work for someone who allows you to subject sales to any sort of screening, like asking "Is your mail server RFC2505 compliant?", luckily you aren't working for clowns who would sell to anyone (and actually say things like "spammers are a great sales channel!"), refer to themselves as "pirates of telecommunications" (seriously), and refuse to support any implementation of known good technical practices if it A) costs > 0.01 or B) inconveniences any spammer (I mean, customer.) And the aftermath of not implementing reasonable technical practices, is of course, all your fault (like all of your superblocks being RBLed for consistently selling service to notorious spammers)... People who treat their engineers with utter disdain and contempt, as if they are just a sinkhole for their sales dollars.

Luckily for me, I could just walk away and hand them my two word resignation letter (thats right: FO). Not everyone can, esp during the recession. I'm just posting this because if you have never worked in these conditions, its hard to comprehend the frustration level, I certainly didn't before experiencing it myself. And maybe we should find ways of putting scourge like this out of business.

glad to be back from the dark side, working for a real company again...