RE: FW: Removal from APNIC lists

@North America != Asia Pacific

Are you saying that no router located in North America
advertises routes to blocks in any of the following ranges ?
In other words, if someone were to block the entire 202.x.x.x
range they would be assured they would not lose any contact
with North America ?


My point is no one gives a shit about your politics. Since my routers are
designed as magnets to attract packets from the AP region, I could really
care less about their allocation policies, funding, etc. As long as their
addresses are magnetic, I'll take them in. :slight_smile:

Maybe we should look into who pays your tab to spout your rhetoric. I
can't name a company that would fund this garbage.

Since you lost your forum on APNIC, you come back here.

Tell you what, I'll set up a "iluvfleming" mailing list this weekend. Then
you can spout your rhetoric at will, and you won't be subject to being
thrown off lists. I would hazard a guess that the total number of
subscribers would be one, you. Then, everyone is pleased. NANOG, IETF,
APNIC, ARIN, the World...