@ At 12:49 2/5/97, Jim Fleming wrote:
@ >In the "darwinian" world of the Internet, it is important for the
@ >entire Internet community to select only the "best of the net", as
@ >the net expands.
@ >
@ >In the interest of making progress and getting people to focus on
@ >the large administrative and technical tasks facing everyone that
@ >really operate the Internet, I suggest that we debate which of the
@ >above names have merit and have registries standing behind them
@ >ready to support them.
@ >
@ >In my opinion, only the .WEB Top Level Domain qualfies for
@ >consideration at this time. If people know of other registries
@ >that have stepped forward to support any of the other TLDs,
@ >please speak up.
@ Jim,
@ I don't know if I qualify as one of the folks who
@ "really operate the Internet", but I'd like to point
@ out that we have customers who would like to have
@ a readable, logical domain name and willing to be
@ outside of ".com". Each of these domains seems to
@ be well-thought out and I don't think they will be
@ any shortage of users or candidate registries.
@ If you need to know that there will be a registry
@ for each new gTLD, then I'm willing to run any of
@ them that cannot otherwise find a home.
@ /John

That is fine. I assume that you are saying that BBN Planet
intends to participate in the IAHC "lottery" or to run CORE.
That is your company's choice.

If and when you do that, and if and when you develop a
new TLD to the point of maturity as a .COM, .NET or a .WEB,
then you might be able to "step up to the next" level.

Until that time, you are at square one, like all of the other
people that hope to host a TLD registry.

In summary, I know BBN can talk the talk, now you just
have to walk the walk...that should not be hard...