RE: FTP with authentication to RADIUS

From: Steve Sobol []
Sent: Friday, January 05, 2001 12:35 PM

"Brian W." wrote:

> scp is also a possibility, its usage is a bit cryptic, but it is an
> option..

But it requires an active shell account on both ends.

Ain't no way I'm granting shell access to anyone who doesn't
ask for it. Actually, I'm picky about granting it even to
people who DO
ask for it.

This pretty much reflects the attitudes of most of production Unix admins. I
don't do it here either. The only shell accounts, on production hosts, are
admins and I force most of them to use sudo. Very few (2) have root access
here. We've also killed telnetd and ftpd (as in; deleted, never to be used,
period). If we have a customer that needs to upload files, we write a
special applet for them and make them use a web browser.