RE: Flapping POS Interface on Frame-relay between a Juniper and Cisco

Did Jeff's suggestion work?

: interface POS0/0/0
: frame-relay intf-type dce

If so, please let the list know, so when someone comes
across this thread while searching for the fix they can
figure it out without having to email the list. If it
didn't help contact me off-line and I will be happy to
troubleshoot it with you.


The mismatch problem of DCE/DTE should definitely indicate that your
PVCs aren't up. But that shouldn't result in the high quantity of CRC
errors in the interface counters. That should just result in your LMI
enquiry count increasing with LMI response sitting at zero.

I have to say I've never tried running frame-relay on a SONET
interface. And if you're only using a single PVC there, I'd certainly
love to know WHY you're doing that! :slight_smile:

But setting one side to DCE so that it'll respond to LMI will certainly
make the frame-relay (L2) portion of things operate properly. But if
you have something else occurring causing the CRCs along the way, then
that's not really going to help at all!

Did anything else coincide with you changing the encapsulation?


The interface finally stabalised.

This after performing segment by segment loop tests at SDH level.
We found errors which were sorted after which the service has been better
the random flaps have since disappeared.

Now dealing with random BGP cease notifications I receive from my upstream.

Thank you all for your assistance in helping solve this.

Righa Shake