RE: Fiber Network Equipment Commercial Norms

Appreciate everyone’s comments here. Lots of good responses. I think the client isn’t really looking to squeeze the equipment owner here, more so just looking for a formal agreement that codifies responsibility, insurance, points of contact for notifications, etc… (the leaking battery example is a great example here).

Tim has a good point, based on what I know about the building, I believe it to be part of a metro ring or backbone. This isn’t an MDU, but rather an institutional building where they previously brought in 4” cables full of twisted pair back in the 70’s. That’s all been replaced by the fiber now.

Whatever it is, the owner comes running when the local maintenance apprentice unplugs it…. He tells me they show up within 30-45 minutes.

Thanks for everyone’s insight!


Jeff Ray


We've attempted to address this problem by having plastic tags
on the power cords that basically say "don't unplug me!". I call them
"no no tags". They were about $1.25 per to have them printed; they are
about 7 x 3 inches. I think our only issue has been an "IT Guy" who
thought unplugging everything in the room would be a good first step to
solving his unrelated network problems.


Those, as well as cable and label tags with the NOC nunber, are worth their weight in gold to be honest.

Almost any telco should give you a Right of Entry agreement that codified things like insurance, etc. It’s “our gear” so of course we are responsible for it, but you should codify it in an agreement

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