RE: [fergie-spew] RE: FW: Crews Survey Rita's Damages

[ SNIP ]

The issue you decided to comment on was a one-line
rider about the excessive heat in cetral Texas today.

I trimmed the post down to the bottom. There's nothing
to read into.

While the latter may have well been off-topic

I don't disagree that a run of the mill news story is
on topic. It's the large off topic threads that historically
have followed your blog and news posts. Windows filters aren't
the most reliable beyond a simple tag to home in on.

Thanks for the tag. My windows machine and I appreciate it!


It's *2005*. RFC822 discussed 'In-Reply-to:' and 'References:' (in sections 4.6.2
and 4.6.3 respectively) in August *1982*. There's *no* excuse for an MUA to not
support it. None. (OK. I'll cut you some slack if the MUA runs on a cell phone.
But only 24-36 months of slack before Moore's Law renders that slack void).

People with enough clue to subscribe to NANOG are unable to use that clue to
find functional MUA software in 2005, why, exactly?

(If the reason is "corporate policy mandates it", ask why corporate policy
mandates the use of sub-standard tools that reduce productivity by not
supporting basic functionality that's been well understood for over 2 decades?)