RE: FCC Issues Rule Allowing FBI to Dictate Wiretap-Friendly Design for In ternet Services

> That is IF you even get an order. The brunt of the work is
> at the tier1's. This is like DDOS. LEC's have to do it, but
> they frequently misinterpret the requirements and scale and
> end up spending money they never had to. Misinterpretation is
> a big problem for CALEA, technically speaking.

First time anyone has every accused tier 1's of spending
money they didn't
need too.

Let me lower the reading comprehension level for you. I said that
tier1's bear the brunt of the orders, and insinuated that tier2's
get less orders. They do. Many midwest/rural CLEC's get NO
orders. They must still be compliant.

Folks may find it useful to review

[ SNIP ]

The place to get the authoritative word is direct from the
AskCALEA folks here: - and of course
you can discuss with your telecom lawyers.

You may be confusing terminology though, which is understandable.
I can't find a government official calling defining the applicability
of the law a "wish list" so I'll leave that to the gentle readers to


Ah, the same people who wrote the documents I referenced earlier. I
assume you have read them now.