Re: FCC Chair sends Letters of Inquiry on Consumer Data Privacy Practices

It would be interesting to see the geolocation data retention and sharing policy, and what granularity of data is retained and for how long, contrasting something that is purely a MVNO on some other facilities based carrier’s network, vs a similar SIM card and phone activated directly with one of the facilities based last mile network operators (TMobile-Sprint, ATT, Verizon and the smaller regional players like US Cellular).

Admitly, my hands-on experience with this type of data is 10-years out of date. The industry has changed a lot.

Carrier/MVNO data is less relevant now and has more restrictions. Apps, third-party ad brokers and platforms (Apple, Android) are much more detailed sources of this data now.

I'm more interested in what Federal Trade Commission and the EU Data Protection Authorities turn up.