RE: Faster 'Net growth rate raises fears about routers

"Half of the companies that are multihomed should have gotten
better service
from their providers," says Patrik Faltstrom, a Cisco
engineer and co-chair
of the IETF's Applications Area. "ISPs haven't done a good enough job
explaining to their customers that they don't need to multihome."

From what I just went through (DSLnetworks v Covad), this is straight
bulldust. Had I been properly multi-homed, MHSC would NOT
have been down for
5 weeks.

Good point, one of our customers multihomed to two different providers and
had several instances where a BGP configuration change by one of their
providers made their networks invisible to half of that provider's peers.
These types of errors take quite a while to track down and are generally
only found when the help desk gets calls that some people from around the
world can't get to internal network resources (Looking glass sites are
invaluable in these situations). Risk mitigation from these types of errors
is easy justification for multi-homing.


Yes, and IF you live somewhere with limited physical capacity,
multi-homing takes on a much different value. I buy lots of RAM
and deal with it to insure what is most important.

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