RE: F means filtered ?

@ Jim Fleming writes:
@ > Someone claimed that they could not access the public
@ > Root Name Server operated by Paul Vixie and supported
@ > by the U.S. Government and the National Science Foundation
@ No one claimed that but you.

Here is the original mail....from matthew kaufman

"Root nameserver F is not reachable from my network."


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At present I am able to reach root nameservers A, B, C, D, E, G, I
and receive valid replies to a name request.

Root nameserver F is not reachable from my network.

Root nameserver H is responding to all my requests with the
4-bit Response Code field set to the value 0x03 ("Name error")

This is confusing a fair number of things.

-matthew kaufman

ps. this is clearly the wrong list for this, but the only one I am
on and successfully receiving mail from.


The rest of your message has been deleted and
noted for future reference.