RE: F means filtered ?

@ At 07:48 PM 2/16/97 -0500, Avi Freedman wrote:
@ >It seems to me, Jim, that a reasonable person would assume that he allows
@ >access to the services that it's supposed to provide (DNS), but reserves
@ >the right to 'F'ilter services that are immaterial to the DNS functionality.
@ I think actually the question that Jim was asking is whether Paul filters
@ access to the root name server he runs based on his Spam Blacklist. It
@ seems to be a valid question.
@ Justin Newton
@ Network Architect
@ Erol's Internet Services


Since everyone has chosen to delete the context
let's summarize:

Someone claimed that they could not access the public
Root Name Server operated by Paul Vixie and supported
by the U.S. Government and the National Science Foundation
via the InterNIC by the inclusion of the address of that server
in the root.cache file provided by the NSF/InterNIC.

Paul Vixie, the sys admin, for that server replied that
he could not see why this would be the case.

I asked Paul if he ever filters people's traffic to that
public Root Name Server. There has been no answer.

In my opinion, the U.S. Government and the NSF need
to investigate these matters. If that Root Name Server
is no longer valid, the U.S. Government and the NSF
should not be endorsing it. ISPs rely on the reliable,
stable, secure Root Name Servers and they rely on
the U.S. Government to provide them with information
on which servers are reliable.