From: Scott Francis []
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2001 4:03 PM

Oh give me a break - is there ANY modern browser that will
not prompt you to
save the file if it does not recognize it as a displayable
format? Your
reasoning is going downhill ...

Have you ever setup an Apache web server (or any other)? Create a random
binary file and call it (or any other extention not defined in
your mime-type) and see if ANY browser will load it as something other than

Incorrect, IE:

Right click over the link, "Save Target as"

sure the browser wont display it correct but you can save it fine.



    And how will an email attachment of that nature be opened ? If the file
extension is unrecognized, the user receiving the attachment will also not
be able to open it. It is your job as a web server admin to make sure that
the proper mime types have been set up. As new file types creep up, you
create new mime types.