RE: Eat this RIAA (or, the war has begun?) - Why not all ISPs?

Blackholing the RIAA and hating them is pointless, that is what they


there for. Blackholing them accomplishes nothing.
If you want to cause change you need to go after the labels. The


the member organizations which fund the RIAA. It's the labels who

need to

be stopped, the RIAA is just their puppet and shield.

However, blackholing is effective in regards to anti-piracy bots that
rove the Internet like web spiders attempting to discover copyright
violations by verifying P2P data that has been collected elsewhere.
Since March of 2001, we have used complaints originating from
anti-piracy organizations hired by various labels, most notable Sony, to
maintain our own BGP blacklists. Since we have a significant xDSL
customer base, we frequently received copyright infringement complaints
from these organizations. This policy has eliminated those complaints.
We were able to reduce legal exposure and reclaim some of the protection
once afforded by open carriage by preventing these intrusive
verification tests from even occurring. However, we do act on all
complaints that we receive.