RE: DS3 Coax..

They might not be so nice after the next electrical storm or ground fault
rolls through the area and toasts something expensive...

We are actually plugging into what they are calling a 'GID' Ground
Interupter Device.

btw: Several of the buildings here have HUGE bundles of coax between
them.. all underground (like this will be)... no real problems (yet).

Our wireless rack equipment rack (up on the third floor) is fed on
isolated (floating) power, and has it's own VERY heavy grounding system..
I've watched lighting balls crawl the rack.. and everything kept working.

Found Belden quad-shield outdoor (but not direct burial) RG-6 for

Well…FWIW…you sound like you’ll be alright. Lots of problems can be traced back to poor installation. As long as you take the time to do everything “right” you shouldn’t have too many problems.

An a seperate note: I can’t remember if the limit on DS-3 was 450’ to the DSX-3 or total length of the cable run. A lot of the specs on DS carrier circuits were made for runs to a cross connect inside a building. You set the buildout for the length to the DSX panel and then cross connects between arbitrarily distanced equipment inside a building didn’t require you to change the buildouts.

Of course, I could be wrong. :wink:


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