RE: DS3 Coax..


you could run media converters for it ( is what I use).

Thank you for all the WONDERFUL feedback.

Just to answer some questions.. for those that are curious.

- Why DS3/Coax? Because room in this POP (a ROHN Building) is really
really tight, and they said if we brought it in Coax, and plugged
almost directly in we could do it (semi-cheap, fast and easy).

- We'll run 2 pair of coax, and 4/6 pair of fiber, but currently
there is no room or approval to properly terminate fiber.. (a nice
shelf, etc..) that may change on actual install.. using some small stand
alone media converters (like the transitions) may allow us to do it.

- Why do it? Because our property is contiguous with the Sprint POP next
door.. and I need to say Mega-Kudos to Sprint for being willing to let a small
ISP like us do this for a DS3 upstream and being decent to work with so