RE: DS3 Coax..

I've had at around ~450 feet, but you have to change the LBO/Cable length in the CSU.

The biggest problems you are likely to encounter are not from signal strength/attenuation issues but from ground loop and lightning protection issues. The best solution would be to use a fiber converter. The next best solution would be to use the cable but to make sure to install lighning protection on each end with the proper ground connections made. You can buy DS3 repeaters but they require you to use a power inserter to add voltage to the line to power the repeater. That might buy you some signal strength since the total run will probably be longer than the 450 feet across the parking lot. I think ADC makes some of those. You can ask someone at Walker and Associates for a DS3 repeater and they might be able to help.

Dont forget that you need to use cable that is rated for an outdoor installation. Innerduct or no innerduct, there WILL be water ingress and that can ruin a cable very quickly. Especially when there is voltage on the line.


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