RE: DNS Evolution Alert

@ > Since this research is not funded by the U.S. Government's
@ > National Science Foundation (NSF) it may not be considered
@ > by some to be valid or of any value. No matter where you
@ > stand on that issue, you should at least know that it
@ > exists.
@ The NSF has funded a lot of good network research. However, you
@ might want to look at some of the research funded by some other
@ organizations as well. Perhaps, DARPA. Hint: think "ARPANET."

Yes, the U.S. Government has funded its share of "network research".
Some people have learned to "steer" (manipulate?) the U.S. Government
agencies in a direction that suits their personal and corporate needs.
This ensures their success because most people follow the U.S.
Government's lead no matter how good or bad the technology or
decision making.